Beneficial Septic Tank Pumping

Bubbling toilets, a backed up shower, or rising sewage are all signs that you should call A1-Enterprises. We're able to travel from our base in Bernardston, Massachusetts, to provide you with septic tank pumping services for your system.

Septic Tank Cover - Septic Tank Pumping

Healthy Septic Tank vs. Unhealthy Tank

First, let's compare a healthy septic tank and a septic tank that is unhealthy. A septic tank is a watertight box. When household waste enters this box, organic material floats to the surface where bacteria biologically convert it to liquid. We will call this the floating layer. Inorganic material and by-products of bacterial digestion do not float. They sink to the bottom of the tank and accumulate, creating a sludge layer.

Water entering the tank occupies the space between the floating layer and the sludge layer. A large, clear water layer is important in a healthy septic tank. Trouble begins when material from either the floating layer or the sludge layer exits the septic tank to the leaching field. This will clog the field's piping system and bring harmful unprocessed waste in contact with ground soils and water. A properly designed and maintained septic system is environmentally friendly and requires no major economic expense over the course of a lifetime.

Septic System Advice

Resolving your septic tank problem doesn't have to cost an arm and leg if you follow our advice. You should have a professional dig out the inlet, outlet, center cover, and the D-box before an inspection comes in. Any and all paperwork about the septic tank leach field area's installation should be easily available. You should have all the blueprints, construction permits, and previous paperwork from the former owners.

Call A-1 ENTERPRISES and schedule an appointment, we will take care of calling the Board of Health as all towns do not require a board of health member  to witness the Title 5's. Have a check ready for them should they need to be there.

Contact us in Bernardston, Massachusetts at (413) 498-5458, to find out more about our affordable septic tank pumping services.